Add note on making amazake

Last Friday I made amazake and was worried about the dry consistency of the mixture before fermenting. It's supposed to be like this. Details in this note.

Added food advice: Reduce cheese. Eat miso.

When I decided to eat less cheese, I had to find something else to put on my daily bread. I'm writing a series of articles about my discoveries. Have a look at the introduction and my first discovery: miso!

Added books: Internal Time and Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I added two books to the Suggested Reading, Till Roenneberg's Internal Time and Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

If you're having thoughts like: »Geoffrey the Enlightened says that we sleep too much. He found a method to reduce daily sleep to four-and-a-half hours and be more productive«, or: »Oh, I should be an early riser! I will hit up Quora and read those success stories about how people manage to get up at 5 am and write half a novel before making breakfast for their kids«. – If you are having such thoughts and are believing such gibberish, then Internal Time will teach you better and take away the guilty feelings when going to bed at 8 pm or sleeping until noon, depending on your nature.

It is an excellent popular science book, explaining (human) chronobiology and how it clashes with the beliefs held by a large part of society. It does give advice on how to get up earlier or stay up later if that's what you want or would make your life easier, but it won't be like »Get up five minutes earlier day after day« and it won't enable dramatic shifts. Howevery, after reading the book, you probably won't want to make dramatic shifts anymore.

Talking about sleep: you might also want to watch this TED talk.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility is mainly targeted at women and I consider many of its chapters essential reading for every woman (precisely because it enables them to take charge; no hidden motives). Men can also learn a lot from it. A shoutout to Jamie Kite, and Craig Andera who invited her to the Relevance Podcast (later turned into the Cognicast) for leading me to this book.

Theatralia discontinued

I updated the GitHub page to reflect the recent discontinuation of Theatralia development. It's sad to cancel a project, but I learned a lot through it.

Published Shandor

I just published Shandor, a program for making your emails rot. I'd started working on it a long time ago and finally sat down and made it usable. To some degree.

Updated Books page

I keep forgetting to post updates. I restructured the books page, so that it now has the (for me) essentials separate from the other really good ones.