See also my recently begun and promptly suspended page Efficient Plant-Based Cooking. You will find some new information and an invitation to ask me questions.

I'm borrowing from Harold McGee, although these pages will be much less comprehensive. Just a collection of recipes and advice for preparing good food, mostly in an efficient and sustainable way.




  • Since I've been moving from place to place and most places don't have special equipment like food processors, high-performance blenders or even mixers, my recipes usually get by without those.

  • These are recipes which I have been developing myself and which I keep updating. There is a Gist containing sort of a cooking diary in which the development of some of those recipes can be observed. I'll try and and merge these recipes and that diary, though.

  • The recipes are usually optimized for health and nutritious value and quick, easy and regular production. Don't expect revelations in taste and cooking technique, therefore.

  • Often the recipes contain very precise specifications. These are mainly notes for myself in case I wanted to reproduce something. They are not meant to be adhered to very closely. In fact, most of the fermentation things are impossible to do reproducibly without elaborate equipment.

  • I try to eliminate superstition from my recipes. If you find an instruction that appears not to make sense, please notice me.

  • Many food websites feature gorgeous pictures. Mine doesn't have any, apart from some unicode art, because I don't have a decent camera. Since no pictures means fewer visitors (as of now I don't have any, so that's a relief), I'd be happy about help with that condition. Some suggestions: follow the recipes and send me your pictures, give me your old-but-decent camera, give me some money for buying a decent camera.