This page is outdated.

My GitHub account contains quite some stuff, most of which is of little use to anyone but me. (And even to me.) However, there it might still be more useful than when rotting on my computer. See also here for things I actually finished. And my Gists.

Package on demand

In many cases, lack of proper packaging is the reason for not being of use to anyone but me. – A result of false laziness. – If someone (for instance you, dear reader!) is interested in using anything, I'd be tremendously pleased to hear of it and make a nice and usable package.

Under development

  • Grenada – This has been my project for the Google Summer of Code 2015. It's lacking a bunch of things to be usable, but I'm fairly content with what I've achieved so far. Since the project idea is my mentors', I'm waiting for their feedback before I continue to do anything. You ask why they didn't give feedback during the summer? Well, they've been unexpectedly occupied with other things.
  • viggo – My first experiments writing a web application in Clojure. Currently I don't have time for it, but I still intend to make it happen. Especially because it is for a consumer group with a rather small lobby: therapists who want to help people with speech and motion disabilities to get on with daily life. Funding welcome!

Things that are used or more useful than the others

  • py-unicode – Guidelines and tools for handling Unicode in Python 2.
  • myrtscht – Used every year since 2009 (2008?) for a table tennis tournament. See also here for a very outdated website.
  • moirai – Keeps my home directory free of obsolete stuff. – To some degree.
  • Shandor – Does the same, just for emails registered in Notmuch.
  • Angereicherter Geschichtsstoff der Klassen 11 und 12 – 19th and 20th century German history and lots of LaTeX.
  • theatralia – Development has been discontinued. However, Theatralia is well documented, so you can scour it for hints on how to do Clojure/ClojureScript web development. You should scour soon, though, because at the current rate of change in web development techniques and tools, what I wrote will be outdated before you blink twice.

Not used anymore

  • findus (deleted) – I used to use it a lot, although it was very makeshift. I even attempted several times (at least it feels like several times) to make a largish system out of it that would have done cool stuff for me. For example keeping track of information about people (like an address book, not like the CIA), setting birthday reminders, providing central access to BibLaTeX sources scattered over several files, being a flexible database of my physical belongings. However, after careful analysis I realised that it doesn't do more than an ordinary wiki after all and finally abandoned it in favor of a personal ikiwiki instance.
  • reginald was some Clojure hacking and the most serious attempt on a successor for findus. Actually it wasn't too bad, considering my lack of experience with the language and the environment. However, it didn't come very far, so it's probably not useful for anyone. Therefore I didn't put it on GitHub. If, for some very strange reason, you want to see it anyway, just contact me.

Useless as a product, but still pretty cool

In 2014 I attended a course on distributed systems and did some exercises together with Mathias Dannesbo. One of the exercises was to write an editor, where multiple people on different machines can simultaneously edit one text and everyone ends up with the same result. Like in Google Docs (though I'm someone from behind the moon who never used Google Docs). We even used an algorithm similar to the one behind Google Docs. Read about all that in the reports (also in the repository), which contain cool pictures made by Mathias.

Since we had to focus on the backend stuff, the editor itself is not very user-friendly. But if you want simultaneous editing of source code, for distributed pair/party programming, for instance, have a look at Saros. During university I participated in a team project for improving Saros and that's where I got the idea for how to implement our editor from.


If anyone sees their or others' rights or pride violated by any of those things, just send me an email and I will remove the offending.