All this is old stuff. The chemistry protocols linked at the bottom of the page are still popular.

The following products of my work seem to expose a rather peregrine interest. While this is partly true, the diversity is also a result of rash decisions and a lack of alternatives. And my versatility and quick learning, to see the positive aspects. You should also note that these are real, finished, useful work products, wheres what I have on GitHub is mostly unfinished or not usable as a product. (It might still be usable in the sense that you can learn from it.)

The LaTeX sources and translations are available on request.

Bachelor's Thesis (2014)

I wrote my Bachelor's thesis about eLua and the MSB-IOT, a little sensor board developed in the Computer Systems and Telematics working group at Freie Universität Berlin. The process of creating it was not optimal, so the outcome isn't optimal either. But here you can download it anyway.

Work at Small Apps (2012, 2013)

In 2012 I did my compulsory internship at Small Apps and followed it up with some holiday work in 2013. I did some uninformed PHP hacking and then developed two Android apps:

I also prepared the app BetterProtocols for publication. This was mainly bug fixing (and drawing the clipboard in the icon).

Proseminar (introductory seminar course) (2012)

This was a course on logic programming. We had to make a presentation and a report on some subject. Mine was Theory of Logic Programming with Negation, in particular negation as failure (NAF) and SLDNF resolution.

Molecular Dynamics with the Computer (2011)

In this course we simulated the reaction between neutral muonic helium, which apparently can be seen as hydrogen isotope ⁴·¹H, and chlorine to some sort of hydrochloric acid (⁴·¹HCl). This involved LEPS and Morse potentials and trajectories and mobile coordinates and other stuff I can't remember. The final report is quite funny for its convoluted Fortran code and the humbly-impressive Gnuplot plots, though. When I recompiled it in order to remove code from the instructor and put in the license notice, strange horizontal lines got introduced into four of the pictures. No idea why.

Inorganic Chemistry Lab Protocols (2011)

These are lab protocols and presentations about syntheses I made together with my lab partner Florian Noack while doing a course in inorganic chemistry. Have a look at them for the fancy pictures I drew with XFig!

  • presentation and protocol about synthesising sodium chloride (NaCl), aluminium iodide (Aluminiumiodid, AlI₃) and magnesium iodide (MgI₂) from the elements
  • presentation and protocol about synthesising sodium tritiostannate (Na₄Sn₂S₆ · 14 H₂O) from sodium sulfide (Na₂S) and tin tetrachloride (SnCl₄ · 5 H₂O)
  • protocol about synthesising Mohr's salt (Mohrsches Salz, ammonium-iron(II) sulfate-hexahydrate, (NH₄)₂Fe(SO₄)₂ · 6 H₂O) from iron and ammonium sulfate
  • protocol about some electrochemical experiments exploring Nernst's equation and determining the solubility product of silver chloride