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I want to improve the current and future state of humanity. As I've studied computer science, I figure that an effective way of doing that is to research AI safety. This is what I'm doing now as a research student at Kagoshima University. I wouldn't say I'm doing research, though; rather, I'm trying to understand the basics, so that I can do research later.

On this my homepage I post stuff I know well and that is not available anywhere else (as far as I know). Strangely, this stuff is mostly about efficient and plant-based cooking (with international inspiration). You'll also find stuff about programming, since I'm a decent programmer with a unique viewpoint.

I could go on bragging about what I'm good at, but that would be boring. Sometimes I try to find out what the basis of my »being good at many things« is. My current summary is: I'm good at learning and immediately applying what I've learned in every context possible (i.e. not just in the context where I've learned it).

If you want to contact me, know more about me, ask me some question, feel free to email me.